Justifying Our Bull….On A Journey to Building God-Like Character

In today’s society we have a tendency to overlook one’s character and place more emphasis on personal status and monetary gain. Justifying Our Bull…challenges that mentality by focusing on the importance of character development. With an unapologetic approach, Mr. Ramsey addresses a few character traits – Compassion, Humility, Accountability, Responsibility, Availability, Contentment, Trustworthy, Endurance, Respectful – that can be developed in order for one to began or continue building sound moral character. He courageously shares his personal experiences as he chronicles some of the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Join the author as he combines these traits and life experiences to create a
helpful and engaging guide. In addition, this powerful book will afford you the opportunity to examine your own values and character, reflect, as well as answer thought provoking questions. Purchase your copy today!