When it comes to getting input from a man you respect, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the years. Countless men have come to me seeking guidance with finances, relationships, credit issues, career hardships, lack of father involvement, child support obligations as well as many other topics and each time I delivered just what they needed.
I’ve learned that so many men grow up without a father and that alone impacts them throughout their childhood and well into their adult life. An absent father has an everlasting effect on a man. I am too one of these men. I found that, there aren’t too many forums that allow men to talk about these issues so that’s why I started offering counseling. 
It was then I found that a lot of men aren’t comfortable with seeking counseling for a variety of reasons I’ve listed below:
Not being able to relate to the person they’re receiving counseling from.
•Men have egos and admitting vulnerability is a huge problem.
•Wanting someone who has been through similar experiences.
My ability to relate has become my biggest asset. I don’t just listen & advise but, I also share my life’s travels allowing men to let down their guard and let go of all the issues they’ve been holding inside.
Luckily I’ve been blessed to have experienced so many different situations in my life. Some people may call them hardships but, I like to look at my experiences as asset because it has made me who I am today. Such things like growing up in the projects fatherless inside a single parent home, child support issues, lack of sufficient income, bad relationships & losing loved ones to violent crimes have made great subjects for conversation with my clients. It lets them know that they’re not in their situation alone.
I am happy that I can bring hope & encouragement to you by letting you see someone has gone through the same struggles and made it through. I know that many men are looking for this support due to the absence of their fathers. Not being affirmed by a man can cause an everlasting effect on our overall development as men which is not being discussed because men are supposed to be strong & problem solvers, not the ones with the problems.
It’s time to stop falling victim to the negative images and music we hear or see through media and get rid of the confusion surrounding black men about how they are supposed to conduct themselves as a man. Young men fall victim to this the most because they grow up without fathers or a consistent positive male figure to guide them. I’m here to help with that.
Access and exposure are the important ingredients to development. When young men have limited exposure or access to a quality man, he cannot rise to his full potential. He will likely become what he’s been exposed to and what our black males have been exposed to, has become detrimental to their lives.
Although there are plenty mentoring programs in schools and churches, many of these programs only cater to younger men. What about the older young men ages 22-35? Where are the mentoring programs for them? That’s where I step in as your personal life mentor.
The world tells us that we become men at age 21 & to me that just means a male can legally go buy beer and frequent the night club but honestly, I believe the majority of men do not become men until well into their 30’s. Being accountable & assuming full responsibility for your actions is the essence of being a man.
In one of my workshops, I give an example of how much training it takes to become a man and 21 years just isn’t adding up. Eager to learn more? Contact me & let me show you how.
I have met so many quality men in my community, barbershops, church and past relationships that need a life mentor and that’s what drives me to continue my work. 
What I help you figure out is your core issues and how to deal with them. How do you know if you have core issues that need addressed immediately?
•Acting out in rage, resulting in physically assaulting women
•Unaddressed anger issues
•You’re a product of a broken home 
•Consistently ending relationships on bad terms 
•You grew up without a father 
•Internally dealing with abandonment pains
•You find yourself to be a womanizer
These are major issues among men, that I too have struggled with. High  income earning young men such as NFL athletes deal with these exact core issues the most. Hurt people hurt people and it’s sad to say, it’s contributing to the demise of their families by continuing this behavior.
How do we address this multi-faceted issue? By creating sessions & discussions for men to take advantage of. My sessions are inviting and comfortable. I create an environment that allows openness & honest conversations without a worry about judgement. I want to encourage you to talk about your upbringing and how you feel it’s impacted your thinking. 
Contact me now to schedule your session.